Calendar of Appointed Times (Feasts) dates for 2022

A number of people have asked for a calendar of Appointed Times (Feast Dates) for 2022, set out to the gregorian calendar
Note that the Hebrew day is from sunset to sunset, following the order of creation, whereas the gregorian calendar is from midnight to midnight. Consequently the Feast days span two gregorian calendar dates, starting at sunset on one day, and finishing at sunset on the following day.

Dates in red printing are High Sabbaths. On these days no servile work should be done, unless it needs to be done, e.g. medical aid, watering or feeding people or stock etc. The focus for these days is the Fathers word, and spending time seeking the Father.

A comparison of the Hebrew calendar to the gregorian calendar is below. Note that the Hebrew month is tied to the lunar calendar, and not the solar calendar which is the gregorian calendar.


Hebrew calendar 1.JPG
Appointed times 2022.jpg