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I spent a majority of my life in and out of many man made religions trying to have a relationship with our creator. As my wife and I studied more and more we began to feel different from the churches we attended. They had beliefs that didn't seem to line up with what we were studying in the bible on our own. We struggled and home and prayed for guidance. The other day I happened on an artical about the names removed from the bible. As I began to learn about the true name of our savior and creater, I felt a warm feeling come over me. I prayed to Yah for further guidance in truth and my wife and I have begun a whole new learning campaign. I was lead to many sites on the Nastarim and the more I research the more I feel relieved. You see we quit church because of the practice of the Trinity, the use of the cross and the celebration of pegan holidays. We were delighted to find that we made the right move and are now being greatly rewarded! A new journey has begun, we are like children growing in the true knowledge.

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