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Feb 16, 2022
In Meet and chat
I am wanting to change my primary care physician from the drug pushing doctor I have and have had for almost 30 years to a more holistic approach. HOWEVER, my search in my local area only brings me to the “spirit, mind and soul” type of doctor who at least to me sounds like someplace I would rather not be. It’s easy to say ‘just get healthy’ but it’s easier said than done at least for me. Yes, I have placed my faith in Yahuah. Even though according to my doctor I’m the poster child for dying from COVID if I were to get it again I’m not following her protocol. She is itching to give me the snakebite, I am NOT and have not relented to her desires on getting VAXED. This is one reason I am looking for an other than typical doc. I want a doctor who understands and is willing to not push the narrative the world demands of them. Any thoughts and or advice in my search?


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